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Creative Movement (Ages 3-4)                   
A dance program designed for the first or second year of instruction. It has original and imaginative storytelling, matched by stimulating music and enhanced by creative and fun props. It will stimulate the imagination of any child in this age group. This program will appeal to the child, and develop many of the child’s senses and motor skills in a safe, imaginative, and age-appropriate format.  This program transforms the repetitive routine of ballet exercises into a class of imagination and adventure.

Pre-primary/Primary Ballet (Ages 4-6)

An introduction to the foundations of classical ballet: Correct posture and weight placement, alignment, control of turnout, spatial awareness and rhythm presented in a creative and structured class.

Grades 1, 2, and 3 Ballet (Ages 6+)

Students will acquire a basic vocabulary in the techniques of ballet, free movement and character dance.  The ability to coordinate simple movements to produce a combination of steps within the range of their own physical capacity.  Students’ performance will show a developing special awareness, sensitivity to music and an ability to work with others.

Grades 5 Ballet (Ages 9+)

Students consolidate technical skills and an extended range of movements in sequences of increased length and complexity.  They will acquire a clear understanding of the mechanics and purpose of the required vocabulary.  The advance in technical facility and improved spatial awareness leads to an increased assurance of presentation.

Grades 6 and 7 Ballet (Ages 11+)

Students master a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the vocabulary of various ballet and character dance styles, as well as a wide range of movements.  Students begin to attain the self-awareness and confidence necessary to a sensitive personal interpretation of musical mood.

Intermediate Foundation/Intermediate Ballet (Ages 11+)

Designed for students who are making an in-depth study of classical ballet that provides the opportunity to pursue a dance or dance-related career.  Students achieve precision, technical proficiency, core stability, and fluent use of the dance movement vocabulary.  Attention to communication and projection leads to an assured musical and artistic performance.

Advanced Ballet (Ages 11+)

Building on the achievements of the Intermediate level. Execution is considerably more refined, employing an extensive dance movement vocabulary. Performance is approached as a dramatic interpretation and expression with a high level of engagement.

Teen/Adult Ballet (Ages 16+)

This class has been developed to introduce or re-introduce the adult or teen to classical ballet. A comprehensive ballet class designed for the beginner that also meets the needs of the more advanced student.

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